Researcher in AI and Social Robotics
with a background in Cognitive Science

Hi, I'm Kaleb. I'm a first-year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying AI & Human-Robot Interaction. I got my Bachelor's in Cognitive Science at Yale University, with a concentration in Mind and Computation. For 3 years I worked in the Yale Social Robotics Lab as a research assistant. I now am a new member of both the HIRO and CAIRO labs here at Boulder.
Please look on below to learn more about me and my projects, or view my full CV via the download link.


I have 3 years laboratory research experience (3 academic years part-time + 1 summer full-time) and have experience with a variety of project types, both collaborative and self-driven.

  • Python and C/C++, data structures, and systems programming
  • Developing ROS packages
  • Human subject data collection for HRI, via mTurk and in-person
  • Natural language processing techniques for embodied robotics
  • Reinforcement learning for real-world implementation, including deep RL
  • Mentorship, teaching, and tutoring

Current and recent projects

Generating Referring Expressions for Human-Robot Collaboration

Senior thesis project; in progress of a grad-level revamp! Our research goal is to build and evaluate the performance of a referring expression generation (REG) system that seeks to emulate human speech patterns in collaborative scenarios.

Automated lighting for a robot photographer

Final project for Yale CPSC459: Building Interactive Machines. We created an automated lighting setup for a photography robot. The lighting system uses reinforcement learning with DCNNs to learn the best lighting settings for portrait photography in multiple environments. Click image for final report.