kayleigh bishop’s personal website

about me

I’m a current Computer Science PhD student at CU Boulder working in the CAIRO and HIRO groups.

I’m also a graduate co-investigator for the NSF Institute for Student-AI Teaming.

Before starting my PhD program, I got my B.S. in Cognitive Science from Yale University. As a first-generation student from a low-income background, I’m personally passionate about addressing educational inequality and making scientific research accessible and inclusive to all.

My preferred pronouns are they/them, but any are fine by me. I publish under the name Kayleigh Bishop, but most people call me Kaleb (from Kale + B.).

my research

I study AI & robotics, and specifically how they can draw inspiration from cognitive science to better serve their users’ needs. My current focus is on how we can make meaningful embodied AI interventions in K-12 classrooms. To do this, my colleagues and I are studying how students’ diverse personal identities and backgrounds inform their interactions with AI technology.

contact me

I’m always looking to connect with new people! Whether you’re a member of the robotics/AI or CogSci community or you’re just curious about what I do, please feel free to email me at kaleb.bishop[@]colorado.edu.